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Miel ArtWork Miel ArtWork
Miel, born in Paris, lives and works in two locations, Paris and Brittany.

Of Breton origin & in love with the sea, her inspiration draws from the coasts and the fishing harbours.  The first works of these were marine influenced, using pastel media, with figurative elements.

This passion started in 1996, on a beach at Northern Finistere, where she was fascinated by the beautiful colours & textures to be found on a rusting wreck emerging majestically from the sand.

From this first impression, was born an intense passion for the beauty of these abandoned wrecks.  This passion is all-encompassing and became the total source of inspiration for Miel's paintings.

The NOUVELLES MARINES collection pays homage to the sea and the fishing vessels that inhabit the colourful stretches of coastline.

In this exhibition we find works of silence in space, conceived without linear limitations, and presenting a form of animated depth that draws the viewer inward.  Miel explores combinations of rhythm, tension, and exploits various techniques with oils on fabric or wood.

The goal is to invite the viewer into her private world, to the share in her emotion, and let the imagination free.
Miel ArtWork

Miel ArtWork
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